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Kitchen Island Styles

We offer a range of pre-designed kitchen island styles. Each design is a trusted favourite and can be configured to meet your needs.

Your kitchen island’s final price depends on how much additional functionality you add to the initial design. Whether it be extra shelving, storage, or finishing touches, it is possible to adapt these designs to suit your requirements. Therefore, the details listed below indicate the price and depend on if you adjust the configurations to suit your needs. We have outlined two sizes for each style however, we also produce these designs in sizes between those listed.
Finally, don’t forget we offer nationwide delivery.

Bespoke kitchen island


A large freestanding kitchen island with 3 centre draws and a cupboard each side. Rear overhanging area can incorporate open slat shelving or a seating area, with complementing bar stools. Featured here with thick oak worktops with other choices available. Customise handles from an extensive range and any paint colour available.

Similar styles include: Burford, Rye, Captains desk, Bicester, Mullion, Anglesey.
(Prices vary)

Price indication for Harrogate

Sizes from – 110 x 92 cm – £1090
To – 300 x 92cm – £2600



A medium-sized freestanding kitchen island featuring a vertical wine bottle storage and choice of cupboards or drawers on each side. This island features a rear overhanging area for seating or open slat shelving. Worktop options range from solid oak to granite. Cabinets can be painted in just about any colour you wish and there is a a wide selection of handles and knobs available.

Price Indication for Taunton

Sizes from –  110 x 92cm  – £990
To –  300 x 92cm – £2590


With an asymmetric design, open shelves, cupboards, draws and wine bottle storage this kitchen island has it all. The layout of this impressive island can be tailored to meet your requirements in addition to handles, knobs and workstops. Choose any paint colour or ask us to mix colours to complement your existing home decor.

Similar styles include: Chester, Oban, Cheltenham, Strathspey. (Prices vary)

Price indication for Winchester

Sizes from – 130 x 92cm – £1090
To: 300 x 92 cm – £2900


A gully design with access at each end and maximum seating. This kitchen island design is perfect for everyday dining while maximising storage for narrow gully kitchens. The compact design can be adapted to suit your needs, whether it be seating, open cupboards, or bottle storage. The gully kitchen island provides a central hub for smaller kitchens offering functionality with pleasing aesthetics. As with all our bespoke kitchen islands, the layout is fully customisable and comes with a wide choice of worktops handles and colour options. Please note that additional features may affect the final price.

Price indication for Stamford

Sizes from – 150 x 72cm – £1200
To – 170 x 92cm – £1690


With front and back seating and recessed storage, this design is perfect for family dining while maximising storage. This medium-sized kitchen island provides a central hub for family and friends to gather, with room to store all those kitchen essentials. Customise the design to suit your needs to create a unique focal point in your kitchen. Let us help you select a colour to complement your existing units or choose any shade of paint your heart desires. This versatile island offers a stylish design with practicality and functionality all built in.

Similar styles include: Tenterden, Argyle. (Prices vary)

Price indication for Pembroke

Sizes from – 110 x 92cm – £1050
To – 160 x 92cm – £1490


The T shape of the Whitby kitchen island makes a stunning centre piece for larger kitchens. Featuring front and back seating, recessed shelves, and three-sided storage at one end of the unit. The layout and design can be adapted to your needs to create your perfect kitchen island. For example, change the design to focus on cupboards or drawers or incorporate a mixture of the two, the choice is yours, and we will work with you to design your perfect centerpiece. Prices detailed below can vary if additional features are added to the design.

Price indication for Whitby

Sizes from – 200 x 92cm – £1990
To – 300 x 124 cm – £3890


The Malvern kitchen island is a masterpiece in design, featuring draws along the worktop edge and open slat shelving. Adapt the layout of this large island to suit your needs to create maximum storage and functionality. To create a unique and practical central hub, incorporate baskets or crate drawers, towel rails, and even a pull-out bin. As with all our bespoke kitchen islands, there is a wide choice of worktop options and hardware. We create each design around your wants and needs.

Price indication for Malvern

Sizes from – 120 x 92 cm – £1250
To – 200 x 92cm – £1890


The Cambridge features open shelving for a contemporary kitchen island style. Choose from slat shelving or solid wood, or why not mix the two for added interest. With a large worktop area, this island provides maximum space for food preparation while creating a focal point in your room. Our experts will help you choose a paint colour to complement your existing units to ensure your island takes centre stage. In addition, we have a wide choice of worktops in a wide range of materials.

Price indication for Cambridge

Sizes from – 120 x 72cm – £850
To – 200 x 92cm – £1750